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Beauveria bassiana| Muscardine| 球孢白僵菌

Nature’s Guardian of Gardens

Safeguarding Your plants naturally, without harmful chemicals..

Hericium erinaceus| Lion’s mane| 노루궁뎅

Unveiling the Secrets of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom

ein seltener Anblick einer großen Löwenmähne

Has potential neuroregenerative properties, benefiting brain health and function..

Psilocybe tampanensis| Philosopher’s Stone

Discover the First magic mushroom cultivated indoors

Sparking Modern Cultivation and Captivating Psychonauts Since the 1970s..

Cordyceps sinesis| Caterpillar Fungus

The Treasure of Medicinal Fungus

Revitalize Your Body, Elevate Your Performance and Enhance Your Well-being