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Hi and Welcome. Ever wondered: “How to grow mushrooms”? Here you learn the basics to cultivate decomposting fungi e.G. Reishi, Shiitake, Oyster also Cubes. Start by setting up your work environment cheap and go to the phases of cultivating step-by-step. This is my Hometek.

The Mushroom Cookbook: A Guide to Edible Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms – and Delicious Seasonal Recipes to Cook with Them

The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen

100 Edible Mushrooms

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You can dry your mushrooms, by just laying them on the ground. Pickling, Canning & a lot of other ways of foot prevention are handy. Drying is uiversal and improve the flavour. MAke them to powder, tinctures, or rehydrate them hen needed. Useing a vacuum sealer improves shelf life further. Chamber vacuum selaers can even be used on myson jars.


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