Cantharellus cibarius

Cantharellus cibarius

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This Slants can keep your cultures viable for many years, if treatened right. Also there is no more issue with condensation.
If you can work with petri dishes you will have no problem with these.
Petris are better suited for short term storage or to multiply strains.

In order to avoid aging, the culture is stored under refrigeration, which greatly slows down the cell division process and extends the life of the organism. This procedure proved to be suitable for storing fungus samples for at least two years without further work. The soaked hardwood increases the storage time drastically.

Liquid Cultures are a mix of nutrients, desolved in water and pressure sterilized. Perfectly a monoculture is then innoculated, to prevent competition. Some species need extra nutrition, so the mycelium grows healthy prior to inoculation.
It is very effective and just a small amount is enought to inoculate a big amount of spawn or soil.

Dowels are used on Logs, stumps or fallen trees. (15 pieces)

1. Drill a hole 4-6 mm wider than the dowel
2. Stick it into something.
3. Cover with bee wax.
4. Wait and bypass the time with another of our products :)

Hold seperate from the natural/native forest

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