Fungi Slants 4Pack

Fungi Slants 4Pack

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My master slants are  made high nutritious, LMEA and wood.

This slants can keep your cultures viable for many years, if treatened right. Also there is no more issue with condensation.

The agar solidifies at an angle in the test tube, allowing more surface are. Thats the reason why they are called slants.

If you can work with petri dishes you will have no problem with these.
Petris are better suited for short term storage or to multiply strains.

In order to avoid aging, the culture is stored under refrigeration, which greatly slows down the cell division process and extends the life of the organism. This procedure proved to be suitable for storing fungus samples for at least two years without further work. The soaked hardwood increases the storage time drastically.
*Store at the bottom of your fridge

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