Hericium erinaceus

Hericium erinaceus

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“Fast shipping nice contact, always answers.
Happy to help and high quality cultures. Thanks for the goodies. -Victoria A., Funginomi Customer

Ingestion of this fungus is said to have a remarkable effect on prolonging the life of cancer patients. A patent issued in Japan showed that this mushroom produces eninazine, which are potent stimulators of nerve growth factor synthesis. These compounds stimulate the regrowth of neurons, which is useful in treating senility, Alzheimer’s disease, repairing neurological trauma after stroke, enhancing muscle / motor response pathways, and enhancing muscles & cognitive functions.

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Liquid Cultures (10mL) are a mix of nutrients, desolved in water and pressure sterilized. Perfectly a monoculture is then innoculated, to prevent competition. Some species need extra nutrition, so the mycelium grows healthy prior to inoculation.
It is very effective and just a small amount is enought to inoculate a big amount of spawn or soil.

This Slants (50mL) can keep your cultures viable for many years, if treatened right. Also there is no more issue with condensation.
If you can work with petri dishes you will have no problem with these. Petris are better suited for short term storage or to multiply strains.

We will set a culture on a fresh Petri Dish (Ø90mm) for you. It will then grow out and if it withstands quality control, it will be sent. Petris are perfectly suited for short term storage, to multiply strains, to cross species and to clean up cultures. You may use a small cut of this cultures to innoculate substrates.

Our Grain Spawn (1L) contains a variety of different nutrient sources, which means we use different types of seeds. It is soaked and then sterilized at >121°C to kill any competing organisms. We then inject a species. After proven purity, we ship it fresh to you.

How long it needs? Check the Spawn Run Time @Parameter.

In order to avoid aging, the culture is stored under refrigeration, which greatly slows down the cell division process and extends the life of the organism. This procedure proved to be suitable for storing fungus samples for at least two years without further work. The soaked hardwood increases the storage time drastically.

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2 reviews for Hericium erinaceus

  1. Feruleswim4

    Ein absoluter Empfehlenswerter Händler! Schneller Versand, sehr gute Qualität der Pilzbruten und der Flüssigmyzelien. Alles was ich bisher hier gekauft hatte hat gefruchtet, und dabei zähle ich mich noch zu den Anfängern in der Pilzzucht. Bei Problemen, falls es welche geben sollte, gibt es immer Hilfe!

  2. Hendrik

    Mycel wächst hervorragend und schnell.

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